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Aiutaci con un piccolo gesto che a te non costa nulla!
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The future does not belong to those who are satisfied with today, who are listless towards common problems and towards the others, timid and fearful in front of new ideas and bold projects. It belongs to those who are able to mix passions, reason and courage engaging personally in ideals and big initiatives...

Robert Kennedy

Un Raggio di Luce strives to improve the quality of life of underprivileged communities, with direct actions and targeted aid tailored to the real needs of individual people, families and communitie.

The values which inspire us are:
Responsibility, because we feel involved in what happens to others;
Solidarity, because it is important to get involved and to help out in concrete ways by putting ourselves in other's people shoes;
Trust, because we truly believe in individual potential and want to bring out the innate abilities of all human beings.

We undertake actions without frontiers

Un Raggio di Luce has a precise goal: to carry out initiatives and projects aiming at entrusting communities, families and, above all, women with the task of carring on the undertook activities following a line of making them responsible.

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