Microfinance and social economy


The initiatives in this sector include the promotion of social enterprises, support to cooperatives, interventions in favour of microfinance institutions and projects aimed at the provision of micro-credits that are realized through the granting of small loans to the so-called "not bankable", t.i. those who are not able to provide the traditional guarantees required by banks, in order to solve specific problems and punctual emergencies and/or to undertake and strengthen economic activities, able to elevate their living standards.The Foundation, through different modes of operation, operates in the field of microfinance and of social economy in all countries where it is present: Italy, Nepal, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic. 


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Countries of intervention

Priority countries


Repubblica Centrafricana






Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

The funding of a MF study project

Yalgo ,Burkina Faso

Start date 14/12/2006


Microfinance and social economy

The funding of training courses relative to the microcredit programme

Gorom Gorom ,Burkina Faso

Start date 24/05/2006


Microfinance and social economy

The financing of a rotation fund

Ouagadougou ,Burkina Faso

Start date 24/05/2006


Microfinance and social economy

Micro-credit initiatives for women

Yalgo, Provincie della Namentenga e della Yoba ,Burkina Faso

Start date 24/05/2006


Microfinance and social economy

Donation of a endowment fund for The Shalom Movement

Ouagadougou ,Burkina Faso

Start date 01/12/2005


Microfinance and social economy

Niente svilisce così tanto la dignità delle persone quanto non essere capaci di trovare un lavoro e un impiego remunerativi.

Nelson Mandela

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