The funding of training courses relative to the microcredit programme

Range of activity: Microfinance and social economy

Location: Gorom Gorom

Amount allocated: 10800 €

Partners: Association IRIS - AFRIK

Start date: 24/05/2006

State: over

Funding for training, study, monitoring and evaluation of the microcredit program in favor of women receiving microcredits from UCEC SAHEL in the province of Oudalan.


Progetti correlati

RISE – Resilience and Innovation through Strengthened Entrepreneurship


Start date 18/10/2021

state active


Microfinance and social economy

Social Business Lab Pistoia

Pistoia ,Italia

Start date 02/10/2015

state over


Microfinance and social economy

COMPETITION: innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial ideas

Prato, Pistoia, Lucca e Massa Carrara ,Italia

Start date 19/09/2014

state over


Microfinance and social economy

Pistoia Social Business City

Pistoia ,Italia

Start date 03/09/2012

state active


Microfinance and social economy


Pistoia ,Italia

Start date 28/03/2012

state over


Microfinance and social economy

Construction and development of two Savings and Credits Cooperatives in Mbata and Pissa

Mbata e Pissa ,Repubblica Centrafricana

Start date 02/07/2010

state suspended


Microfinance and social economy


Kathmandu ,Nepal

Start date 28/01/2010

state over


Microfinance and social economy

Support to the women cooperatives of Kabhre and Dolakha

Kabhre e Dolakha ,Nepal

Start date 28/01/2010

state over


Microfinance and social economy

Support to the cooperatives of the Jumla district

Distretto di Jumla ,Nepal

Start date 28/01/2010

state over


Microfinance and social economy

Provincial System of Microcredit in Pistoia

Pistoia ,Italia

Start date 18/12/2009

state active


Microfinance and social economy

Emergency intervention in favour of a halfway house for women.

Montecatini Terme ,Italia

Start date 11/07/2007

state over

Microfinance and social economy

Granting of an interest-free loan for the rotating UCACEC fund

Bangui ,Repubblica Centrafricana

Start date 15/02/2007

state over


Microfinance and social economy

Micro-credit initiatives for women

Yalgo, Provincie della Namentenga e della Yoba ,Burkina Faso

Start date 24/05/2006

state over


Microfinance and social economy

Donation of a endowment fund for The Shalom Movement

Ouagadougou ,Burkina Faso

Start date 01/12/2005

state over


Microfinance and social economy

Niente svilisce così tanto la dignità delle persone quanto non essere capaci di trovare un lavoro e un impiego remunerativi.

Nelson Mandela

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